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Rules & Regulations



Students are first divided by age and rank. Further divisions by weight are made in the adult sparring divisions. Each ring size in 20 x 20.


For scoring forms, we use hand signals while holding up fingers to represent scores from 5 to 10. For indicating a half point, such as a 5.5, a judge would hold up both hands showing five fingers while crossing their arms. There are five judges per ring and scoring is done by all five. However, the students score is determined by the elimination of the highest and lowest scores given and the addition of the three remaining scores.

Competition begins with the first three competitors doing their forms. After they are finished, the judges will call each one up for their score. By watching the first three students, the judges can then qualify the quality of the student they are judgingand can more effectively set a medium for scoring the whole group.
At the end of the competition, the student with the highest score is the winner. In the case of a tie for first, second, or third, the students will be asked to run a different form. After the two tying students have done their forms, the judges will vote by a show of hands.

The judges will be looking for the following in each student’s execution of their form. Please remember that because this is an open tournament (open to many different styles), each judge may be putting more importance on some things as others.

STANCES” – Strong, solid, sure footed, straight feet alignment, hips and shoulders straight, head erect, eyes forward and focused on each technique.

MOVEMENTS”- Snappy, powerful, strong counter force, blocks and kicks delivered to proper target area, breath should be coordinated with movements, hip rotation, smooth timing and rhythm, strong kiai, sharp beginning and ending.

ATTITUDE”- Confident, at ease—yet alert, respectful, that of a warrior. If a student forgets or makes a mistake during their form, they may ask the judges if they may do their form again. In the children and lower rank adult divisions, no point deduction will be taken. If an upper ranked adult student needs to run their form again, the judges may deduct one or more points.


To score fighting, each ring has a center referee, four corner referees, a time keeper, and a score keeper. The center referee is in charge of issuing points, warnings, or disqualifications, and to see that all rules are obeyed. Points are awarded by the use or red and white flags. The center referee uses his hang to indicate points. There is a red flag attached to the belt of one of the students. That student will be recognized as the red player and all points or warnings issued by the show of three or more red flags will be given to that competitor. The white flags will note the other competitor.

Please note all competitors are to wear foam head gear, hand pads that cover the fingers, feet pads that cover the toes, and a mouth and groin guard.

Points are awarded for clean unblocked techniques to any qualified target. One point is awarded for any foot technique to the body and an extra point, or two points, are given to any foot technique to the head, controlled within one inch.

Each bout runs for two minutes. Time out may be called by the center referee to clarify a dispute or to assist an injured opponent.


Qualified targets are the following; *The front and side of the body above the belt.* The head within one inch. (Although the head is a target, there are some special rules pertaining to this target). Please check the portion on warnings and point reduction.


A student will get a warning for breaking the following rules. A point may be taken away or negative points given for frequent infractions or excessive violation of these rules: (1) Contesting the calling or not calling of points. (2) Any contact to the face. (3) Holding an opponent for more than a second. (4) Running or moving out of the designated ring. (5) Attacking a forbidden target, groin, knees, back. (6) Using a forbidden technique- i.e. spinning backhand, leg sweep. (7) Excessive contact to any part of the body. (8) Fighting after the call to stop. A student will only be allowed three warnings before becoming disqualified. The center judge does have the authority to subtract or give negative points to any offender. Only two face contact warnings are necessary for disqualification. Excessive contact is automatic disqualification. If there is a call for contact, the opponent who was hit will have his color of flag raised with the judge slapping the back of his flag hand with his opposite hand. This indicates a contact call. The students who got hit should receive one point, the other student a warning. Warning calls must have three referees in agreement unless the center referee feels the infraction was intentional. He may then issue a warning himself. A contact call overrides all other calls for points.


The winner is the first competitor to achieve five points or who has the highest score after the two minute round. In case of a tie, the bout will resume with the winner being the competitor receiving the first point. A competitor can also win by the disqualification of his opponent.

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Although many people think the martial arts are just about fighting, the truth is that the physical “kicking and punching” are really just the tools that I use to teach the more important, and MUCH more valuable lessons about yourself.


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